How to Plan a Simple Wedding

Let’s face it. Weddings can be stressful even for attendees and guests. More so for the members of the entourage. But doesn’t mean you have to settle for it. The reason why one plans ahead is to make it organized and less stressful when the day nears. Here is a simple guide on how to make your wedding simple but still sophisticated.

1. Determine your guest list

This is the first on the list because after you’ve determined your budget for the wedding, the number of guests that will be joining you on your wedding day could also tell how much food to serve, how big the venue should be, and more. If you have 250 guests in mind, you might want to reconsider. Doing so will not only save you money but also make the event more orderly and less likely to be out of control. And of course, choosing only the guests closest to you and your partner will make you cherish the celebration even more.

2. Pick a stunning venue

There are a lot of venues nowadays that look amazing but don’t have to cost great. Although it depends on your preference, one of the best locations is somewhere natural – leaves, greens, soil, water, etc. You know, the elements? But definitely not fire. You won’t have to spend much on flowers if the venue already has plenty of it. Having the ceremony and the reception there will be a great idea as well. You and the guests don’t have to travel from one place to another. And again, you’ll save a lot more. Ask also the management of the venue if they have services and amenities you can avail such as catering, drinks, cakes, entertainment, etc.

3. Allow flexible color tones

Fashion is always evolving. Gone are the days that bridesmaids have to wear identical gowns in color and style. You can have them wear different colors as long as they’re in the same color tones, or have them wear the same color but in a different style. They all will look absolutely beautiful on their own.

4. Make the ceremony short

You don’t have to spend 6-8 hours for the ceremony. And guests will most like go bored if the ceremony is extensively long. Only focus on the most important parts of the program and the others can be disregarded.

5. Hire a wedding planner

If all seems hard for you, hire a wedding coordinator or planner. Some think that doing so will cost more than if they do it alone. But a wedding planner is experienced in his or her field and will consider the smallest detail to the biggest one. And they are the ones responsible to make the ceremony run the way it should be. It is your wedding day after all so you shouldn’t do all the work.

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Great House Design You Need to Check Out

Your house is your very own sanctuary against whatever is stressing you in your life. So, you should make sure that your home interior design is making you feel like you are indeed happy with it. You should know what to do or at least ask someone who knows what to do about it. When designing any home, you should make sure that it is safe.

You don’t want to accidentally hurt yourself because you weren’t able to secure your things properly. This is one of the reasons why a great fastener is important to have all in all. If you are looking for some great fasteners check out for more information.

If you are up for it, here are some great house design ideas that you should check out for some inspiration factors.

When you design your home, make sure that you treat each room as a blank slate that you’ll have to fill so that it is livable. You don’t want to overwhelm the design with too much that it turns awful or tacky in the long run.


You know that you can go as bold as possible in color choices of a room as long as you feel comfortable with it. Each color has different finishes and you can use that to your advantage which is great. So, you don’t have to stay with neutral colors you can go crazy with yours as long as you like it.


When you choose a color for a room, especially if it’s not a neutral you should know what accents works best with it. If your rooms are dark you should go with light colors to accent it. That is one of the ways that makes it work like a charm. You should find the perfect balance between too much and just right.


You can add a statement piece in a room, this statement piece can be something that will pull your attention to it. It could be something that has unique designs, colors, or simply that it is not commonly found in your room. Of course, this is an optional option, as you can still make a statement in a room without using any piece.


There are plenty of designs that you can choose from when it comes to things that you can design with a backsplash. There is the chevron, the herringbone and other among hundreds of patterns. These could be perfect for bathroom and kitchen but it can also work in other rooms if you play your cards right.


You should, in all honesty, know the vibe you are going for. Is it bold and casual, light and intense, subtle and classic? It all depends on your taste and style but whether you are doing the room design yourself or you are asking a professional for help. Never forget that you need to understand and know which ones you like.